Monday, July 20, 2015

I finally have another day when everything came together, clear sky, not too hot and low wind.  With the summer heat there is always a bit of haze but other then that the conditions were good.  Not a lot of activity so we will see what I managed to get.  :-)

AR2386 -

Closer in and inverted AR2386 -

AR2387 -

There were several proms today.  Mostly small ones and one tall one.

A long filament ending on the right at AR2384 which doesn't show here -

Proms -

Same Prom using the DMK-21 camera & Powermate  -

I'm noticing that these images look pretty mild compared to Mike's fine images. :-)

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Late Images from July 16 2015

I have been busy trying to get caught up around here after being away . I shot these a couple of days ago and finally finished up the processing . These are the first images with the Istar 150mm mod for 2015 .

                                                               AR's 2381 and 2384

Monday, July 13, 2015

A return Home to some Sunshine

As Bill has mentioned I have been touring around Europe for the last couple of months . I was away from my scopes but did arrange to hook up with an old solar buddy . Great day we had together Keith , it was definitely a highlight .
  Anyway the sun was shining today so I dusted off the scopes to see if I could remember how to do this .

                                                       Images from July 13 2015

                                                                            AR 2381

                                                                         AR 2384