Saturday, February 15, 2014

Images from February 15 2014

Another crisp but sunny day here in southern Ontario . Temperatures were -7c with clear sky's The conditions were not as steady as I would have liked but much better than summer conditions . There is lots going on up there right now and would appear that this maximum is still marching on .

                                                   SM 60 II DS / DMK 21 / 0.5 reducer

                                                    PST / 102      AR 1974 @ 1000mm

Opposite Limb Inverted

AR 1974 @ 1600mm

AR 1976 & 80 @ 1600mm

Prom shot @ 2000mm

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Solar Images February 13 2014

This winter has not offered too many days for imaging but I was lucky enough to catch a break today . Temperature was -5C and no wind  , there was some high thin cloud but it was not too disruptive . My apologies for the miss orientation on the full disks .

SM 60 II DS / 0.5 reducer / DMK 21

MiniMax @ 1000mm F/L - DMK 31   AR 1977

MiniMax @ 1600mm F/L - DMK 31    AR 1976 - 1977

Filaments @ 1600mm F/L - DMK 31

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Basic Radio telescope -

I starting to gain some experience with my little dish.  Here is the recent results -

January 30, 2014
I was trying to match up my recordings from today with solar flare data and not having any luck. I just noticed on Space Weather.Com a report of an X-Ray solar flare at 2200 UT. The middle chart shows the biggest spikes that I recorded today. Shortly before this the recording was pretty much a flat line and after the spikes subsided. Most solar flares monitor receivers are on a much lower frequency then what I'm using so a big maybe here.

 Earlier recording (Time is UT) -

 Recording at time of X-Ray flare -

 Right after -

February 02, 2014

Today AR1967 produced a flare staring at 21:24:00 UT peaked at 22:04:00 UT and ended at 22:14:00 UT. I had some recording runs at that time and I may have caught some of the action. There was a lot of activity at this time. See the strong signal at 21:36:04 UT. 

 This one I'm thinking is a continuation of the action out to 22:02:40 UT.

At 22:27:00 UT A1968 produced a C8.4 flare and I think that the right side of this trace is some of that action.

February 03, 2014

I got a late start with my recordings and of course most of the solar activity today was before I started. There was a C7 flare reported at this time wasn't attributed to a sunspot. This was the strongest signal that I had today. Actually I'm glad because it gives me more faith in my earlier recordings, that I'm not just picking up some noise signals. If you compare the signal amplitude to yesterday's signals you will see that this C7 flare has a smaller amplitude as it should. A C flare being 'Minor, an M flare being 'Moderate and an X flare classified as 'Large'.

Images From February 3 2014

It has been more than 2 weeks since Bill or I have seen the sun , I caught a break yesterday and it sure was good to be imaging again . Viewing conditions were good , clear sky's , no wind and temperatures that I could tolerate . We both have a few things that are awaiting some testing but the clouds have been against us , hopefully that will change soon .

Full disks , SM 60 II DS / 0.5 reducer / DMK 21

MiniMax @ 1000mm FL

MiniMax @ 1600mm FL

AR 1967 @ 2500mm FL

AR 1968 @ 2500mm FL

A couple prom shots @ 1600mm FL