Monday, February 23, 2015

I had a clear day yesterday and I was able to take a few videos of our star.  The solar activity is at a low point at the moment so there wasn't much to image for our purposes.  I am posting a few images from yesterday but nothing that I am very happy with.

Long filament with AR2289 in lower right -

AR2287 (Inverted image) -

The biggest prom that I saw -

Undesignated area, I think (Inverted image) -

I hope that we haven't dropped into a sudden solar minimum.  :-)

Thursday, February 19, 2015

I managed to get in some imaging time yesterday.  The conditions were fairly good with some 'Boiling' in the sky from a layer of haze.  The results weren't what I would have liked but I will share a few of the images. 

A horse shoe shaped filament on the eastern limb. -

In the area of AR2285. -

An inverted image of a filament near AR2284 (Upper left). -

The biggest prom that I saw yesterday. -

Closer -

More proms. -

  Hopefully a better day will come along soon.  :-)