Saturday, May 24, 2014

Here are some images from May 22, 2014.  Fair seeing and a little windy.

Two versions of AR2061 taken with the DMK-41 and one taken with the DMK-21.


Some prom images.  I particularly like the first one of Mercury the Winged Messenger :-)

There were some long filaments in view also.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Quark Images From May 19

I have had the opportunity to try the Quark in 4 different scopes so far , an Orion ST 80 F/5 ACRO , A SkyWatcher 100mm F/9 APO and these images were taken with a Williams Optics 110mm F/5.9 Semi APO Megrez  All images are DMK 31.

First up AR 2061 & 2066 activity

                                                      A prom shot first at fill focal length

                                           And again with 0.5 reducer mounted to the camera

This one was taken with the Quark in my Celestron 103 F/10 ACRO at 4200mm F/L

Any questions or comments are always welcome

Friday, May 16, 2014

I have some images from May 12 & 14 to post.

May 12, 2014 -

AR2059 -

AR2054 & AR2062

AR2061 -

AR-2016 in BW -

AR=2055, 56 & 59

May 14, 2014 -

Proms combining 2 images from the DMK-21  -

AR-2057 (2 views) -

AR2058 & AR-2060 -

AR-2057 -

Monday, May 5, 2014

Daystar Quark First Light(s)

I wanted to wait until I had had some time with the new Quark before I posted any thoughts . The one I purchased is the chromosphere model and I have used it two times now . This filter has a 4.2 telecentric barlow so I figured using this with my long tube refractors could be iffy . The solution was an Orion Short tube 80 . At 400mm F/L the Quark bumps this up to 1680mm . My Moonlight focuser's are easily adapted to other scopes so I mounted one of them to the new solar weapon .. This is the configuration I used  for the first images


I use my scopes more for imaging than I do for viewing but what I saw through the eyepiece was impressive , the field is quite narrow compared to my SM 60 but the details were every bit as good . where it exceeds the SM 60 is in the even lighting and absence of any sweet spot .


So far I have found this to be quite an imaging friendly filter . On scopes up to 80mm nothing else is required , just drop it into the diagonal and you are good to go . I tried using it with and without a 0.5 focal reducer on the camera and had no issues bringing the scope to focus . With the 4.2 built in barlow this does not cover too much area and gets you in pretty close so I wanted to see if a reducer would work for a more backed out view . Here are 2 images with the 0.5 F/R mounted to my DMK 21 

AR 2058 , 2060 with AR 2061 just off the limb

Where all the action is , AR 2055 & friends

Now a shot of AR 2055 without the reducer

Even though this is not the prominence model it doesn't do a bad job

For comparison I took many of the same shots using my SkyWatcher / PST mod . There a couple of things to consider here , one is that I have had more experience imaging with this combination and two is that the SkyWatcher offers has a 100mm aperture with more than twice the focal length . here are the comparison shots

I wanted to try the Quark in my SkyWatcher and removed the blocking filter and 2" to 1 1/4" adaptor and put the 2" diagonal and Quark in it's place so this image is my SkyWatcher / PST mod double stacked with the Quark at a whopping 3780mm focal length !! I am surprised it turned out as good as it did .

Note ; All images were done with a DMK 21 

May 16 update

I had another go with the Quark on May 13 . This time I removed the mod from my SkyWatcher 100 F/9 and used this scope with my DMK 31 for these images . Using this scope with the Quark and it's built in 4.2 barlow lenses  brings the focal length up to 3780mm and was pushing the scope to it's limits . These being test shots I did not worry about identifying  them .

My 2" Eyepiece Adapter

Daystar recommends using longer focal length eyepieces with the Quark . I have a couple of long F/L eyepieces but they are in a 2" format . I have always wanted to view the sun through a 2" eyepiece so I made a simple adapter so I could mount a 2" SCT visual back to my Quark and allow me to try 2" ep's with it .

Antares 2" visual back with the adapter

Assembled 2" adapter

2" Adapter installed in place of the original 1 1/4" one