Sunday, August 31, 2014

Images From August 29 2014

I have been getting behind with my processing . Here are a few more from the 150mm Istar mod .

                                                     AR 2149 with a prom on the limb

                                                             A closer look at AR 2149

                                                            A closer look at the prom

                                                                          AR 2151

                                                               AR 2150 & Filament

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Images from August 25 2014

 I had clear sky and the conditions were about average . There was lots going on up there to capture , hope you enjoy these .

                                                                   Monday's Disk

                                                              The AR's in White Light

                                                                    AR 2150 & 2151

                                                                            AR 2146

                                                                            AR 2149

                                                                            AR 2150

                                                                           AR 2151

                                                                           The Proms

                                                                      Random Surface

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Images from August 17 2014

Another day with the new 150mm Istar mod ., first some random surface shots and a prom at the native 1500mm .

Now a littler closer look at the AR's , not as sharp as I would like , the atmosphere was heating up by the time I got to the barlow shots . These are at 2X or 3000mm

                                                                    AR 2144 area

                                                                      AR 2141 area

                                                                         AR 2143

                                                                          AR 2146

Friday, August 15, 2014

Mikes 150mm Istar / PST Mod Build

I have just updated my mod page to include this recent build , the details can be found on my page under Solar Scope Mods in the sidebar to the right .

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Images from August 10 2014

Unfortunately there are many fires in Bill's area so his sky's are not good for imaging right now , I hope this clears for him soon because I miss his images .
  These were shot through hazy holes in the clouds so they lac some detail but I am happy with the prom captures , hope you enjoy these . All were done with the 150mm Istar and DMK 21

Monday, August 11, 2014

More Images from the new 150mm Istar mod

This 1500mm long beast turned out to be a lot for my existing Losmandy GM8 mount to handle .so I was on the lookout for a bigger mount and found a gently used Skywatcher EQ6 Pro at an attractive price . This mount came with a column type base . The column is a big plus for me because I could not set this up before the afternoon due to the scope interfering with the tripod legs . Now I can use the scope in the morning before the heat waves start .
  This round of images were all taken with the 150mm Istar mod on the new EQ6 Pro mount . I believe the steadier mount has contributed to the finer detail I see in these images .

Some random surface shots

AR 2135

AR 2137 area

A couple prom shots

Monday, August 4, 2014

Some More Images with the 150mm Istar mod from August 4 2014

I had a decent day for imaging so before I set up the big gun I grabbed a full disk and some white light with my other scopes .

Today's disk SM 60 DS , DMK 21 , 0.5 reducer

These are with the Istar , 1500mm F/L , DMK 21

AR 2134

W/L with Megrez 110mm and Lunt wedge , DMK 21

AR 2132

AR's 2127 - 2130

Now a closer look at the AR's  2X , 3000mm

I managed to catch this prom before the clouds moved in